Company profile

Company profile

ANGELINE GROUP LTD offers streamlined production services at competitive prices to clients in the medical textile business. Based in Taiwan, ANGELINE has been involved in the medical textile industry for over 25 years and specializes in both surgical and patient care garments. For function and performance fabric we have developed anti-bacterial textile for medical use, water-vapor permeable and liquid-water impermeable textile, anti-static textiles, moisture transfer and quick drying textiles and flame resistant textiles

We have been a leading innovator in Laundry business in Taiwan. All around the country Angeline has set up a Laundry facilities that caters to the needs of hospitals,

hotels and Anti-static uniform. Making as a leader in garment and textile care and washing.

ANGELINE offers a large selection of products including scrubs suits, lab coats, surgical gowns, underpads, patient gowns and robes etc. and EVA clogs and nursing shoes. ANGELINE has production facilities in China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Taiwan that handle substantial volumes for global distribution.

As part of Angeline business expansion and due to client needs and demands we have ventured into another field of business which are mattress and its accessories production for home, hotel and hospital use. Each fabric used in mattress for hospital, hotel and home use has also been produced by us. We have set up two manufacturing plants in China solely for this production. Though new in this field we have already have a steady stream of orders from clients in the US and Canada. Prove that we give a high quality product with a very competitive price and excellent service.